Weighing The Pros And Cons Of Different Kinds Of Computer Assistance Services

Computer and software assistance comes in different forms these days. Whether you are facing a hardware problem or a software issue, there are different lines of support or assistance that you can seek. However, the kind of support or response you need will differ in the form of assistance service you seek. Some are passive forms of support like troubleshooting guides or FAQs while others are prompt or manual intervention through chat, telephone lines or presence of a support personnel.

Troubleshooting guides

Usually FAQs or guides are generated from any program or application that is developed for end use. These might be sold with programs, but are also found in free resources online. Hence, if you have a general query about a program or a website service, wish to know more about the features and other details, referring to these guides might provide you all the information you seek without the need for IT support.

Chat lines

For any query that you are unable to resolve on your own or by referring to guides, you might want to get in touch with the application’s IT support. The support personnel usually come online at specific times of the day or night. You would be offered online help during these times only. When you seek support at a time when the chat personnel are online you will get prompt assistance. However, in case of complex queries, it might become cumbersome to get it resolved through chat platforms.

Telephone lines

Many software manufacturers and developers as well as online services offer telephone support. You could call in for assistance for any query you have or problem you are facing. However, telephone lines usually are open during specific times of the day. Again, you might have to go through recordings and long wait in order to finally get access to live support personnel on the other end of the line. Hence, unless you have an urgent or a pressing matter to discuss, this can be a time consuming support line to opt for.

Manual assistance

On-site and manual assistance is the most effective when it comes to handling queries regarding usage, any problem that one may be facing and so forth. In certain cases, like in cases of companies that take on computer applications in bulk, the support personnel are appointed to help out at the office sites. There is a contract formed to have assistance services available through someone on site or being on call as and when required. This is the most effective way of service, but also the most expensive support service to get. It is only possible in offices or through paid services at home.

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