News That Reaches Us Through Social Media Can Be The Real News

Many times we have seen news that is already gone viral on social media which are broadcasted again in the media but the story line is twisted. This has become a norm and people are now prone to be more active on social mediathan on the news broadcasting channels. Sometime there are some news broadcasting channels that have kept a close watch on social media and before it goes viral they purchase the video before it becomes public so that they can be the first to publicize that news. However the news broadcasting channel sometimes twist or edit the video to make it fit the news that would bring in more viewers which would result in the storyline changing to make it more interesting for the viewers. 

How to get it right

Many News agencies prefer to know how far their news has travelled. Therefore along with the news channels they also have social media accounts and social media monitoring tools app to control and monitor these social media accounts. Furthermore having many social media accounts enable to reach more viewers and it enables to understand what the viewers think of that particular news item. When it comes to a news agency it is always best to know what they are criticized on to make it a constructive criticism to bring a positive change in the method of news delivery.

Furthermore some news arecovered by many news agencies therefore it is essential to keep track of what the other news agencies are covering up on that particular news item. Therefore using media monitoring app to keep up to date with other news agencies will provide a better insight as to what we need to cover. Therefore making sure that competing news channels are monitored regularly by separate set of people so that they inform of the breaking news that other news agencies capture first. Visit 

Be the first to report.

The most important is that to get to the news before other agencies do. Therefore having team members spread across the country as well as other countries will enable to be the first to report incidents. Hence it is essential that the people should get the headlines first on their social media so that they tune in to your news channel first to get the full coverage. Increasing the number of viewers for your news channel will provide more sponsorship which will enable to increase more risky operations by the news reporting team. News reporters are competing with each other to get to the news first therefore they should have all the equipments ready and rolling.

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