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We all know that children hate homework. Most parents get harried, having to attend to the homework of their children after finishing their own work as well as other responsibilities at home. The problem needs to be tended to in a different angle. If you give into the demands of your children, you will find yourself becoming a slave to their unending needs. It is important that we inculcate the importance of doing homework with them as a responsibility that is solely theirs. There is the need for parental guidance and directive, but the actual work should not be done by elders.

Why homework is dreadful?

In a happy and the competitive school environment, children will love to do their homework and show the same to their teachers. Children in general love to showcase their skills and ability to learn among their friends and to theirteachers. Hence, completing homework should be a happy task that any normal child will love to do. If your child is avoiding homework, you need to figure out why. There could be several reasons for the same:

• The child is unable to follow lessonsin school.

• The teacher is unable to communicate lessons effectively.

• Homework is unrelated to what is taught in class.

• The child feels confused due to repeated mistakes and errors.

The above problems might be present in a child’s school life that might interfere with their normal process of learning. You need to look into these issues and resolve the same besides getting them the best accessories like the best PC for work and entertainment.

Making learning fun

In order to encourage your child and develop their confidence you can monitor their homework and how they go about it. Check the feedback that comes from teachers and guide your child accordingly. Make home work time fun and short for the child to enjoy. Help them understand difficult problems and guide them through the homework that they find difficult. In the end, when they meet with success, you could reward them with a gift a gaming laptop, depending on the age group and your personal preference.

Reward and recognize

This is a basic way to encourage learningand progress in your child. You need not hand hold them through every task in their homework every day. But ensuring that they get the help they need and progress well in their studies in school is essential to their own success and sense of achievement. When they are able to get good grades with hard work, reward them accordingly. It does not have to be an expensive item, but something that makes them feel good. Let them know that hard work is important, but that you also appreciate the effort they put in, even if it does not get them the best results.

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