FUJI XEROX M225DW – Innovation In A Smart Package

Tired of those long printer wires running around the office or your personal workspace at your home, then worry no more as we have got great news for you, this latest device from FUJI is a technological superior setup compared to all the conventional printers out there. Now you have to very sought out convenience of sending your printed documents or images directly to your Xerox M22DW printer using wifi-direct connectivity, that’s right you can now just as easily print your documents from your mobile phones and your laptops & other smart devices all together rather than have a PC connected via a physical wire to perform the same task of printing documents at a slower connectivity rate. You also have the option to connect a USB device to its high speed USB 2.0 port another option for Ethernet cable connectivity is also available in this model so you won’t have any problem in connecting with a desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone, USB or and other modern devices be it your documents or your high resolution images this model was built to provide you with the best quality prints with vivid long lasting colors compared to prints from your average printers and the sharpness of the image is also quite better as compared to the market standard. The high end technology is not only part of its connectivity feature another brilliant thing about this Xerox M22DW printer is its highly affordable price with just under 200 USD this printer could be a perfectly compatible for your home workspace or for use in a small office. The low running costs are another advantage of purchasing the fuji xerox m225dw toner printer with this high end printer you could get around 25-30 pages printed in just one dollar compared to the market competition this was very reasonable, however if you use compatible cartridges you could even increases to the number of pages per dollar to up to 35 pages. If you get stuck in a situation that it’s snowing or raining outside or due to any possible reason you don’t have access to new toner than this device has the new feature of Toner Saver mode for you, it can further extend the number of pages printed but sadly that would come at the expense of lighter prints but still it’s a very good option if your usage of printer is high and have to print excessive documents then this product is for you. Due to the 64 MB in built memory and the 266MHz processor the startup time for the Xerox M22DW is just under nine seconds from the startup to the printing of the initial documents. So if you are searching for a printer for your home of your office which would be both cost efficient and very convenient to use and carry around then this is the thing for you to go for. printing-services-hire

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